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Thursday, January 8, 2009

1st club "table tennis" training -080109

It's the First CLUB training for seniors!!!

So what did we do?

First, we do warm-ups. A very special warm up indeed! Transporting the mats from Gym (B1) to Sports Room (lvl2). Yes, 'transport', cos we don't 'carry'. We use trolleys! And lifts! But it wasn't easy at all! Those who were present should know what I mean. It's a pity I forgot to take photographs of the whole process. Why don't u all repeat everything next training so that i can take photo? Haha!

Next, what's BJJ without Grappling? Here's a video of Daniel and Shah Kiat.

Grappling aside, we BJJ ppl sure know how to have fun! FUN! We made full use of NIE's resources! Haha!

Table tennis!
First, it was doubles! ( the way we played was really cartoon)

Cai Ping and Eric

Kenneth and Hark Keat

Fizh too!

Then somehow Cai Ping and Fizh were eliminated.

Ivan played too!

BJJ is so fun! Table tennis! What's next? Let's play squash!