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The first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school club in Singapore.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Second Session on 22 September 2010

Hi all! Good to see that everyone still comes back and didn't "pon" classes! What we did on 22 September was a recap on the previous session and a few new "moves". Hope you guys still remember what you all learned.

1) Breaking Guard

The person got caught in the guard will press the enemy's ribcage initially, before putting his/her knees below the enemy's back. With that, push the enemy's legs (of the same side where you put your knee) down by focusing on the knee. Then push it away from the body. Use your knee to pin the enemy's leg down, while you scramble up to mount on the enemy.

2) Hip-Bump-Sweep

Here a sweep is technique used to transition from a neutral or inferior position to a dominant position, such as moving from under guard to full mount, hence the alternative term 'reversal' as the dominance of positions have been reversed. Lift up your hip and place it as if like sitting on your enemy's lap. Using one hand, try to reach for the sky of the different direction, then grab your enemy's arm swiftly. Sweep according to the direction.

3) Scissor Sweep

The Brazilian Jiu-jitsu guard is not only a defensive position. Through studying the guard positions many sweeps, reversals and submissions have been developed. In Brazilian jiu jitsu the sweep or reversal will enable you to move from the bottom position to the top position. The International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation describes the sweep in its rules, in Section 4 under points: “The sweep- the athlete underneath has the opponent in his guard (between his legs) or in half guard (having one of his adversary’s legs between his) and is able to get on top of his adversary by inverting his position, 2 points.” Sweeps occur when the bottom player uses his legs to gain the top position. One example is the scissor sweep. In the scissor sweep you will shrimp out, slide your shin across your opponents belt line as your other leg’s calf is on his knee or thigh. Then sit up to grab arm to take away his base while the other hand wraps the neck, under hooks the arm or wraps the body. Then as you fall back using your weight as momentum with a kicking motion scissor your feet to turn your opponent to his back. That is what we did the previous session, courtesy of Kel.