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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Practice on 6 October 2010

Hello everyone! Last practice had been quite informative and hope that you guys learned a lot from it. We had learned:

1) Rear Naked Choke

To apply this attack, start in Rear Mount, controlling your opponent with the over-under grip. It's important that your bottom hand grabs your top wrist, and not the other way around.

Then grip his opposite (right) shoulder with your top (left) hand. This step is called the “tiger claw,” because your fingers are in a claw shape as they grip the back of his right shoulder.

Now pull your bottom (right) arm out from under his armpit and clasp your hands together, palm-to-palm. Note how your right forearm is pointing downwards. This makes for a very strong position because your arm is braced against his back. Your opponent is still blocking the choke with his hands, which is why we go to Step number four.

With your left hand, regrip the shoulder (just like in step two). At the same time, shoot your right hand forward to knock his right hand off of my forearm, limiting his ability to block your choke. This is a quick motion, almost like a palm strike to his wrist. You won't want to push his hand slowly, or leave your hand dangling out there for him to grab.

Now return to the palm-to-palm grip from step three. Now the noose around his neck is much tighter, and his primary defense – his right hand – has been removed from your forearm. Note how your elbow is positioned directly in front of his nose. Ideally your forearm comes UNDER his jaw and not across his face or chin.

Shoot your right hand deep behind his neck and lock it into place using pressure from your own head. Your left hand is on your right bicep. Squeeze down, in and up in a hooking motion under his jaw. You also stretch him out by extending your legs and arching your back to make the choke even more powerful. Carefully monitor your training partner in case he passes out before he gets a chance to tap out. Following these six steps will turbo charge your Rear Naked Choke attack when you're training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and/or submission wrestling.

2) Break Dance

This is an exercise for you to train your agility. From the position of doing a push-up , try to go to his side in the fastest possible way and while stretching the leg closest to his body out. You can add some variations like stretching your hand out or do it with a smile. =)

3) Side Mount

Side control (often also called side mount or sometimes cross mount) is a dominant ground grappling position where the top combatant is lying perpendicularly over the face-up bottom combatant in such a way that the legs are free and he or she exerts considerable control over the combatant on the bottom. The top combatant is referred to as having side control, and is in a stable position, with the other combatant pinned beneath him or her. From there the top combatant can proceed with elbows, knees, various armlocks, or transition into a mounted position. It is high priority for the bottom combatant to sweep the top combatant or otherwise escape the position, for instance by entangling the opponent's free legs and trying to obtain the half guard or guard.

4) Grappling Session

This is the time where you can apply all of the skills that you have learned! Learning is by doing, so enjoy!

Till next week!