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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recap of Training #2

Recap of Training #2

So what did we do for the 2nd BJJ training?

1) Firstly we did a revision of the ARMBAR
But this time, we added in some variations

Over time, as you practise and hone your BJJ skills
You may find that BJJ is like a chess-game
It's not all about using brute strength
But finding the correct way to break your opponent's defence
Get into the desired and advantageous position
Before controlling and submitting him

So for the ARMBAR we did
It was executed while in a full-mount position
And you first try to execute an AMERICANA on your opponent

Btw AMERICANA is also known as the 

Wrist control and getting to execute the AMERICANA

As your opponent tries to defend the AMERICANA
You go in for the ARMBAR

Remember to try out both sides!

Even the ladies can do it too!

2) We learn a new technique called the " TRIANGLE CHOKE "
There are a couple of variations of the " TRIANGLE CHOKE "
For the training, we did the most commonly executed one
Which is when you are in full-guard position

Begin in full-guard position


Next pull your opponent head towards you by grabbing the neck


Convert to high-guard position
Ensure that you are isolating one of his arm


Next, extend your hip and "bridge-up"
While remembering to grab your opponent's hand
(the one you wanna isolate)


After which, pull his arm across your body
His arm should be in contact with his neck

And at the same time
Shift your body sideways
Get the angle that allows his arm to be positioned against his neck
While you also can manage to shift your leg perpendicular against his head
So that you can prepare to hook your other leg over your own leg
(remember you can use your other hand to aid you!)


Once you hook your own leg over each other
Press the leg down 
Using the calf against the ankle
(in this photo case, the right leg)

And there you go
You have succesfully forrmed the "TRIANGLE"
To make your opponent submit
Not only do you have to just press your legs down against his head
You also have to squeeze your hips together
And in the meantime, ensure his own arm is choking himself at the neck area

This is how the " TRIANGLE CHOKE " works

Your legs and hips and body forming the "TRIANGLE"
And then his own arm is choking himself
Cutting off the air supply

So after practising the " TRIANGLE CHOKE "
We also learn how to defend against it
Which is by posturing up
(the typical escape move)

But similar to the ARMBAR
We learn how to variate our move
And transit to the ARMBAR

As your opponent tries to posture up
Quickly switch your leg that is pressing the calf against the ankle
And hook it over his head
Pushing his head to the side
And executing the ARMBAR on the isolated hand

There you go!
Something new each session!

Remember to come down for training on 
THURSDAY, 27th Oct 2011
6pm-830pm @ Nanyang House Seminar Room 1
It's on the 2nd floor btw
See you guys there!