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Saturday, January 21, 2012

18th Jan First Training of Semester 2 for '11/12

Hi all once again

The first training session of NTU BJJ has just passed recently!

First of all
We have a new instructor in Hilmi
And of course, a new class of BJJ enthusiasts!
Some of us are either trying out BJJ for the first time
or have actually been practising in this martial arts for a while

It was quite heartening to see quite a decent number of people turning up!
With a greater number of girls turning up as well!
We had a short round of introduction whereby we provide information
on our names, what courses we are doing in NTU, and which year we are in
I think most of us forgot who each other names were at the end of the day
But nonetheless, it was a nice ice-breaking session rather than jumping 
straight into training 
Definitely the remembering of the names would be better next training!

Here are some of the photos that were taken during this training

Short ice-breaking session!


Hilmi then instructed the class to go for a few rounds of warm-up
The warm-ups consisted of some lateral and dynamic movements
All of which helped in loosening up the muscles and getting them ready
for some BJJ action!

The GUARD position was firstly taught to the class
demonstrated to the class
It was some basic stuff in BJJ to start off to

The SIDE-MOUNT position was also shown to the class
And after which
Hilmi taught the class on how to execute an ARM-TRIANGLE choke

The class practicing out the ARM-TRIANGLE choke

Seniors on hand to share some tips and know-hows

Some members actually encountered some difficulties in executing the move
Questions were asked and there were some queries
Thus Hilmi decided to demonstrate the choke again to the whole class
This time with some finer details
Like in how to switch sides to apply greater pressure to the neck
How to posture up with your legs
And how to move your legs to the sides to finish off the submission

Our instructor personally going down to almost every individual
to show and explain how the move can be carried out

As with more practice, it's clear to see that the class was
actually getting much better!

We didnt roll for the first training session
Instead, we did some passing of GUARD training
With some of the seniors and Hilmi himself teaching and sharing
with the class on how to escape from GUARD
And of course, how you as a BJJ player in the bottom position
Keep your opponent in GUARD position
The class was also allowed to try to gain the SIDE-MOUNT position
after escaping from GUARD
And allowed to execute the ARM-TRIANGLE choke when possible

Some of us were quite exhausted after this exercise
Probably due to trying out BJJ for the first time
Or just kinda rusty after been out of action for some time
But nonetheless, it was quite a good and refreshing training!


Doing the tradition "Whoosh" bow after each training session
to signify respect for the instructor and for each other who
have attended this training
It was also a symbol of bonding and forging brotherhood and sisterhood
among those who are doing BJJ!

After which
The training session ended with Hilmi conducting a short cool-down exercise
Feedback was asked and constructive suggestions were provided
Hilmi also proceeded to explain what is actually BJJ all about
What kind of submissions that the class would get to learn
throughout this 5 sessions
And what kind of BJJ player you can eventually develop yourself into

BJJ is actually a form of martial arts which work on leverage, locks, grips,
techniques, timing and positioning
It also benefit smaller-sized guys and ladies for self-defence
And statistically, almost all fights go to the ground

To end off this post
There's this famous quote being shared at the end of the lesson
" If the ground is an ocean, then I would be the shark! "

Remember to tune in to this NTU BJJ blog for more updates
And here's wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
See you all next week!

You can find very informative and helpful videos on YouTube
Here is one which is almost identical to what we have learnt for this session

Take a close look at the finer details on where the hands are placed
The head positioning
And the knee on belly

Credits to David Thomas, Austin Jiu-Jitsu Technique Catalog