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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recap of Training #3

Hi all!

Here's the recap for the 3rd training (1st Feb 2012)

Basically for this training
We learn how to apply the ARMBAR submission
What are the different variations and how it can be defended

As usual
We started off with some warming up
There was the "shrimping" and "reverse shrimping" exercise
There was also the "back fall with tactical standup" exercise too
All of which helped in loosening the muscles and getting ready for the exercise

The ARMBAR can be broken down into 6 simple steps

First of all
We are doing the ARMBAR in the FULL MOUNT position

The 1st step would be to isolate the arms of the opponent

Isolating the arms include pressing down your arms in a CPR position
Straight and forcefully down onto your opponent's chest so that he/she
would feel uncomfortable
And that would be the 2nd step

The 3rd step would include positioning your attacking leg to
the side of your opponent's head
The attacking leg means the side you would actually do the ARMBAR on
Remember all this while you are still sitting onto your opponent


The 4th step would be the ''posting''
Same as how you would obtain your opponent's back
And how you would actually do the "scissors sweep"

"Posting'' for the ARMBAR means putting the non-attacking leg up
Make sure it is flat on the ground for maximum support
Check out the hands placement
It is actually placed high up in isolating the opponent's hands

5th step would be adjusting your positiong
Shifting your attacking leg towards the other side of your opponent's head
And you shift your butt accordingly
All the while still maintaining your grip on your opponent's hand
Making sure your whole weight is on him
Making him feel as uncomfortable as possible

The 6th and last step would of course be sitting down
Remember the 5th step is very important
As you have positioned yourself well enough
When you sit down for the last step
You can easily tap out your opponent if your positioning is correct
That is both feet are close to him
And your butt should be touching his shoulders
Then as you extend
You would just shift your opponent's hand into a "Good Hand" sign
Whereby the thumb is facing upwards
This means that the hand is fully extended
If your opponent doesn't tap
You just have to hip up and extend his hand fully
Remember to squeeze your knees and keep your legs as close to him as possible

The close up version of the ARMBAR
If you can see
The left leg is more important in this case
It's the leg which actually separates your opponent's arm
So that it would actually be locked

All the participants trying out the ARMBAR themselves

Hilmi correcting the participant's mistakes


After some fine-tuning later
Looks like everyone is getting the hang of it

After that
We moved on to how to defend the ARMBAR

First of all
Your opponent would anticipate the ARMBAR
So he may try to cross up himself
He would keep his hands as tightly to himself as possible
And remember last week on the REAR NAKED CHOKE?
The "knifing" hand action?

Use the "knifing" action to break open your opponent's grip
So that you can apply the ARMBAR successfully

Another way to defend the ARMBAR is to put your hand under
the legs of your opponent who is executing the submission
As the wrist is the weakest part of your arm
Your opponent would try to do the "knifing" action to break open
your own defensive grip
What you can do is to hide your wrist under your opponent's leg
So that he would have difficulties breaking open your defensive grip

We saw some demonstration of the other variations of the ARMBAR
from our instructor Hilmi
And we ended off the lesson with an grueling 8 MINUTES roll!

NTU Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!


We also have some pizzas and 100 Plus isotonic drinks after
the lesson to sort of celebrate the Chinese New Year!

The tutorial videos for the ARMBAR would be up soon!
Do check back for it!