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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recap of The Last Training For Sem #1 2011/12

Recap of The Last Training For Sem #1 2011/12

We had the last training for this first semester of the academic year 2011/12
Basically this session was more like a sharing session
Whereby in which we all practised our moves and techniques
And just learn some tips and tricks from the more experienced guys

The highlight of this last training session was
the epic " Royal Rumble " tournament!



For fans of the World Wresting Entertainment aka WWE
You all will be very familiar with this annual event " Royal Rumble "
Whereby there's this famous line of
"every single man or woman for himself/herself!"

The objective of this tournament
Or just simply to win this tournment
You have to submit every other opponent and remain
"The Last Man/Woman Standing!"


Our contestants gathering on the mat


All checking each other out first
You could sense that actually everyone was quite serious about it
Even though it was supposed to be a light-hearted affair!

The "ring bell" sound and the event got underway!



Action broke out in all parts of the mat
You could see double-team and even triple-team!
(someone was hiding in one corner at the top of the picture....)

Basically everyone all wanted to get the bigger-sized guys out first!

Some alliances were formed and......broken
(due to opportunism and all)


So it was left to this "2 versus 1" situation
Whereby the 2 were aiming our more senior blue-belt guy


And so this was the winning formula - DOUBLE ARMBAR!
(this scene was re-enacted for photo-taking sake!)

And after our "Royal Rumble" tournament
Hansel our President presented the respective lady and guy winner 
with some token of appreciation



Everyone was all smiles after the tournament
No one bear grudges
Neither were egos bruised
All were good and friendly just like before the tournament!

And right after that
We had some pizza and drinks to celebrate the end of training for
the first semester of this academic year
It's not just work and training at NTU BJJ here
We also know when to have some good fun!


Our NTU BJJ club tee is ready for sales now!

And this is the front of our club tee
Which cost only $12 bucks!
The front have our NTU BJJ club logo
Plus the Chinese characters “ 南大巴西柔术 ”


The logo on the front of the shirt

The back of the tee
With the 2 huge Chinese characters “ 柔术 ”
Awesome design by Vicky, our Financial Controller!
Great work there!

And to end off this first semester of training
Here is our group photo for the training!


We know everybody is busy with quizzes and projects and all
That's why some of you guys may not be able to come down even
though you have expressed interest in trying out
But hey, you still need to exercise and work out right?
Ultimately you want to be in good health and condition for your final lap
And exercising in the form of practicing BJJ is a good way to do it!
Not only are you learning a new craft, you also get to exercise
Plus increasing your body flexibility at the same time!
And it's just 2+ hours per week!
We're sure you can spare this time!

So do stay tune to this blog
Or add NTU BJJ as a friend on Facebook
And get updates from there!
If you have any questions, you can email ntubjj@gmail.com
Remember to study hard and work hard for the final exams!
And most importantly, carry on to come down for our BJJ training
once the new semester begin!

Cheers from NTU BJJ!