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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recap of Training #3

Recap of Training #3

Here's the update on the 3rd training!

For this training
We learn techniques in gaining advantageous position during rolling

1) First up
We learn this technique known as " Scissor Sweep "

It starts off when you are in the guard position
You grab your opponent's head
Pull it down towards you
While isolating or controlling his arm
(the one that you wanna flip him over to)

Then once you are in this position
Open up your guard
Turn onto your hip
One leg on the bottom floor
One leg out
And then prepare to put in this leg in between his body

*In this case
We are trying to flip him over to our LEFT HAND side
(Note that it is different from the 2 pictures above)

You quickly put in your leg
And use your knee to press onto your opponent's belly
(Not on the chest)
In the meantime, also note that you have to pull your opponent's arm
across your chest
Your other leg is hooking onto his thigh region
Or forming some sort of grip which can assist you in the flipping motion
which is about to happen once you get in this position


Next pull the arm
Knee and other leg use as pivot to flip him over
In one fluid motion


Once you flip him over
You can get into the mount position
And finish your opponent off

2) Next technique we learn was another variation of the " Armbar "
(you will be surprised at how many types of armbar that can be applied!)


For this variation of the " Armbar "
We will be doing it from the guard position
Same thing as the theory of all kinds of " Armbar "
You start off by isolating one arm that you wanna execute your submission on


Use your outer arm
(the arm further away from your opponent's isolated arm)
To secure and grip tightly onto his wrist
Position his hand at the top of your shoulders
And your inner arm to grab his triceps


Move your outer arm across over to his opposite shoulder
While on the way up
Use your outer arm to push his face away from you
Making him face the direction away from you


Now once you hold this position
Open up your guard
And get ready to use both of your legs to grip onto him


Shift your leg
(in this case the right leg)
Up to his middle portion of the body
This is the part whereby it's fleshy and you can grip onto him


Shift your other leg
(in this case the left leg)
And press onto his face which was facing away from you
While shifting both your arms to lock onto your armbar
Remember to ensure his thumb is facing towards the sky
" The Good Hand " or aka " Thumbs Up " sign
This is how you do your " Armbar " from the guard position
Things to note:
Your opponent may try to stack onto you while you are doing this move
In MMA, if your opponent is strong, he may lift your whole body up and slam you down
So ensure that you quickly straighten out his isolated arm
Then do the "Bridge Up" or "Hip Up" to make him submit!

3) We learn a series of COUNTER-MOVES
All the counter-moves we learn were when the opponent is
standing above you while you are on the ground
And he may trying to get into a full-mount position
Or you may want to defend by going into a guard position


a) The first move is fondly called the " Donkey Kick "

This is a move whereby you kick out with a large force
Strong enough to knock your opponent down onto the ground

*Note that you should use your hands to grab onto both his legs
And assist you to flip him over and knock him over with the force from your "Donkey Kick"


b) The 2nd move is something of a " Cart Wheel "

When your opponent anticipate that you may knock him down with a "Donkey Kick"
Judging from the way you may grab his ankles
He may buckle down and twist his knees inwards to block your kick
So at this time
Grab onto his hands
Legs shift from the "Donkey Kick" position
And onto his hips
Then just lift him up in the air and use the momentum to "Cart Wheel" him over

Do take note that this is quite a dangerous move
A huge amount of space is needed
And break fall has to be done
So practice with precaution and do it slowly


c) The last move is a variation of " Scissor Toss "

It's used when your opponent knows you may try a "Donkey Kick"
Or you may even "Cart Wheel" him if his hands are stacked onto you
So he may prefer to keep his hands closer to himself
Somewhere at your belly area
His legs are also buckled and tightened


At this point
You can just grab his hands by the wrist


Cross them up
And then lower your legs towards his knee area
You then squeeze both your legs together
Making him buckled his knees even more inwards
So much so that his body balance is lost

At this point
You are basically in a kind of total control over him
Because he has defended too much

So just cross him up with your legs
Then use your hands to assist you in flipping him over


You can proceed to side-control from here


We ended off a session with a fight between Donovan and Teng Hon
With our in-house referee

That's it for this session

Remember on Wednesday, 2nd of November 2011
It is the last training
Same time from 6-8pm
At Nanyang House Seminar Room 1
See you guys there!