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Friday, June 27, 2008

Cam Whoring

As promised, these are the photos we took during training on 26/06/08.

Just some random pictures that we've took.

"sigh", I thought I'm liked by all of them. Apparantly not =[

After the long hours of training, everyone just throw their Gi's on the floor. The powerpuff girls are so nice to help us fold back our Gi's. Love them =D

(Thanks to all the girls of BJJ@NTU, every little things you girls did for us, which we took it for granted, we really wanna say, THANK YOU)

Haha, we requested Jason to put on a White Belt for photo taking, its all good, his very sporting and goes along with our request. Introducing our lady champ, Doan from vietnam ^^

Bahhhh, Me and Yu Hau cam whoring, nothing much to say =D

Kenneth, posing with his beloved black Gi. And yes, his doing BJJ, not Silat ^^

Our powerpuff girls, the rest of the girls wasn't around. (Shan, CP, CL and etc, faster come back from holiday, we need you girls!)

And Farhan, same as me, thought we were liked by them =[

YES, our family photo, all GI photo. No worries for those who were not able to make it, we will meet up next week for another photo taking ^^

I suggested doing a Dojo photo where everyone has to kneel formally. But I just can't sit properly and yeah, a candid shot from me =P

Me, Faizal and Yu Hau. Faizal came over to our school for some lessons, he wanted to see my training. So why wait? I called upon him and ta-da, here he is =D

The red rangers. Jonathan, me and Hark Keat. 3 of us decided to get the Red Gi. Think we looked really good in red, skill wise...who cares? hehe.

The Whitessssss, omg, ladies Gi look so damm good.

Sorry for the random sequence, Im having a splitting headache and still trying to recover from it. I hope you guys had fun during the training which I did.