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Monday, June 9, 2008

Top 10 Signs That You've Grappled Too Much

got this when surfing other sites...
Top 10 Signs That You've Grappled Too Much

10) You know who Mitsuyo Maeda is.

9) You understand that a "Kimura" is not a traditional Japanese women's dress.

8) You have been involved in a "Gi vs. No-Gi" argument at some point.

7) Your animal impressions suck, as they always involve a turtle and you on all fours, not moving.

6) In bed, you refer to missionary as "Guard."

5) When someone says "Triangle," you think "Choke."

4) You correct people on the internet who spell out BJJ as "Brazilian Jujitsu."

3) Every time you give somebody a hug, you make sure you have the double underhooks.

2) You know that "SAMBO" isn't a Latin dance.

1) You "Say Gracie" before every meal.

okay okay i know not all we understand but i love no 7.... LOL