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Thursday, November 19, 2009

White Belt 3 Stripes

White Belt 3 Stripes

26 additional Techniques:

Self-Defense Techniques:
1 – Headlock Escape from standing position (two variations)
2 – Headlock Escape from on the ground (two variations)

3 – O-Uchi-Gari (Major Inner Reaping Throw)

Closed Guard Position:
4 – Punch Defense (controlling opponents’ head and arm)
5 – Pedalada (controlling wrist with both hands, your feet on the hips, kick)

Open Guard (Spider Guard) Position:
6 – Show Different Grips (both sleeves, one sleeve and one lapel grip) and Foot Placements (biceps,triceps, hips, behind the knees, combinations of those placements)
7 – Show Grips and Foot Placements with opponent walking from side to side

Butterfly Guard Position:
8 – Basic Side Sweep
9 – Counter Sweep to Opponents’ basing on foot (push ankle out with your foot)

Half-Guard Position:
10 – Three Points of Position (block the cross face, be on your side, have the outside under hook)
11 – Two ways to get the Outside Under Hook:
(1) Make a Frame, and Swim Arm Under
(2) Bridge and Swim Arm Under

Passing The Guard:
12 – Standing Closed Guard Pass (controlling sleeve at the wrist and opponents’ lapels)
13 – Half-Guard Pass (you can use the Knee Drive Pass, ending in Side Control)

Side Mount Position:
14 – Head and Arm Choke (Kata Gatame)
15 - Mount by grabbing your foot from Reverse Kesa Gatame and feed it across the stomach

Mount Position:
16 – Opponent’s Arm Around His Head Control

Knee On The Belly Position:
17 – Spinning Arm lock (when opponent pushes on your knee)
18 – Cross Choke (ending with your knees on the mat)

Rear Mount Position:
19 – Arm Lock

Turtle Position:
20 – Taking the Back
21 – Leg Arm Lock (triangle the arm with your legs and push your hips down)

Leg Locks (from inside the opponents’ guard):
22 – Knee Bar
23 – Figure-Four Foot Lock (a.k.a. Toehold)

Defenses and Escapes:
24 – Kimura Lock (from inside the guard) Defense
25 – Triangle Choke (from inside the guard) Escape
26 – Cross Choke (from inside the guard) Defense