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Thursday, November 19, 2009

White Belt 4 Stripes

White Belt 4 Stripes

20 additional Techniques:

1 – Ko-Soto-Gari (Minor Outer Reaping Throw – Foot Sweep)

Closed Guard Position:
2 – Reverse Arm Lock
3 – “Triple Attack” (Shoulder Lock, Arm Lock, Reverse Arm Lock)

Open Guard (Spider Guard) Position:
4 – Basic Triangle
5 – Reversal Over Head Into Mount (feet on the hips)
6 – Elevator Sweep

Half-Guard Position:
7 – Placing your Opponent Back into your Guard
8 – Taking the Back (Rear Mount)
9 – Calf Crush

Passing The Guard:
10 – Butterfly Guard Pass (grabbing the ankles, head to one side of the hips, jump to other side)
11 – Spider Guard Pass

Side Mount Position:
12 – “Paper Cutter” Cross Choke

Mount Position:
13 – “Triple Attack” Chokes (from the Mount/Rear Mount Position), and Arm lock off the “Triple Attack” Chokes

Knee On The Belly Position:
14 – “Baseball” Choke (finishing in a north-south position)

Turtle Position:
15 – Clock Choke (at least two variations)

Defenses and Escapes:
16 – Mount Escape: Hands on opponents’ hips, bridge, bring your knee in between your opponents’ legs, finish with an ankle lock
17 – Escaping the Rear Mount (ending in 100 Kilograms side control)
18 – Ankle Lock Defense (with, and without the gi)
19 – Knee on the Belly Escape with Gi: hand on outside knee, other hand on center of belt
20 – Knee on the Belly Escape without the Gi: Upa, knee up, scissor legs and grab leg, finish with single or double leg