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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Girl Power, Tribute to the NIE Team

A picture is worth a thousand words. Cai Ling bought lots of barang barangs for 1 purpose. Xiao Shan corrected me on this, its actually Xiao Shan that brought all this stuffs. She brought it all from her hall and shes too shy to use them. Ultimately, its still for the same purpose, to make the training ground a cleaner and more hygenic place to train in. Things she bought, erm, too many to mention.
No time wasted for Cai Ping, she and her lady team each took charge of a portion of the matts, making sure no dust, or any dirt is left behind.
Cai Ling is explaining to us how nice this smells and yada yada. Well, thanks Cai Ling, You can do anything with it as long it doesnt get into our eyes =D
Jia Min is covering the top right portion and shes doing a great job.

Girl power, many thanks to the girls here. Guys will lay the matts, girls will clean it. Its them who allow us to grapple and train on a comfy matt and clean matt. Trust me, u rather lay the matt then cleaning it. If 1 pair requires 4 matts, our room can allow at least 20 pair to grapple at the same time and still have space for safety marshalls to look after everyone. So do your math and imagine how much they have to do.
So here, I salute all the ladies here and many many thanks to them for making it possible.