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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Operation 2nd G

Introducing, NTU BJJ
From Back Left: Farhan, Yu Hao, Jason (Instructor), Jonathan, Cai Ping, Jia Min, Luan Yin and YanXin
From Bottom Left: Hark Keat, Eric(Me), Kenneth, Fish(guy who got choked), ZhiWei, Yee Chok(guy who got choked,lucky fella), Xiao Shan and finally Kevin.

For those whose names are not listed here, guess they are busy with their exams, no worries, will update on next blog.

The Usual practice, after training, its time to beat the SHIT outta someone. And the selected one is Kenneth. Took us a while to take him down and got him into this position. Most important of all, I put on my Timberland boots and gave him a groin rub treatment, he tapped =D

Jason thought he could have escaped, well, its all well planned =D

Firstly, we have the EEE( Electrical & Electronic Engineering) boys to cut the power supply, which instantly blinds jason, Civil Engineering boys to draft a building layout and blocked all escape routes. Computer Engineering had taken care of all alarm system, handicapping all CCTV signals and computer controlled door. Lastly NIE girls took the liberty to brainwash those whose not involved in this operation, making sure the next operation, everyone will be involved =D

Thanks to everyone from ntu bjj, mission accomplished

Well apparantly Hark Keat wasn't able to find Jason when we took out the power supply, he went for Yu Hao instead, Good job anyway =D

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