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Friday, May 30, 2008

Scream Competition

We held a small competition in NTU, not BJJ, instead, its a screaming competition.

Introducing the Participants, Contestant 1, Xiao Shan. Famous for her small size but crisp and sharp scream.

Contestant 2, Cai Ping. Well-known for her screams too. Always screaming at her top of voice. How she trains? Basically same as Xiao Shan, together both of them, sees us playing our PSP, will scream at the top of their voices, " PLAYING GAME AGAIN!!!?!, COME TRAIN OR PLAY PSP?!?!".

Contestant 3, Luan Yin. Soft spoken and sweet. But to my surprised, I went deaf for 3 days when I threw her. If she receive proper training from Xiao Shan and Cai Ping, she can do better.

PS: Luan Yin never complains bout PSP =D

In order to hear their screams, please do adjust your volume.

Listen to her scream, supporters for Xiao Shan, vote for her =D

How you guys think Cai Ping fare? Vote for her!

Soft spoken Luan Yin, listen to her ROAR, I meant scream =D

End of the day, we all had fun, I went deaf, but still fun. We might host another competition next time, lets see, how about who can withstand a choke by our girl team the longest? I volunteer to be the judge this time =P

PS: Voting ends this sunday, winner gets to throw me this time? Without matts?