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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some Pic

Photo taken from http://enjelyn.blogspot.com/

I remember this day vividly, Jason decided to give me a blue stripe. But before I get it, I need to face my biggest fear, Leon, a guest who came from LA. His a tough opponent and had taught me several techniques. Learnt alot from him.

Leon is very sporting to allow me to pose in this position
PS: It's not an easy task to get to Leon's back.....

Photo taken from http://enjelyn.blogspot.com/

Lastly, the Walk Of Shame, this is where those who got their grading has to go through. Everyone will get to the 2 sides of the room and hold the belt high. 1 by 1 those that got promoted will need to walk between them, and the guys from the sides will whoop the ass outta them.

PS: No one is seriously hurt after the walk =D

Photo taken from sgbjj.blogspot.com

Our Team went to support Farhan and the rest of the competitors from Singapore. Good job to everyone. Hope in no time, BJJ will be more well establish in Singapore.

Guess this photo was taken by Mr Rahman of SRC. He helped us alot in many areas such as booking of facilities and etc. Thanks Mr Rahman, will be seeing you soon during the next recruitment.

Jason is demonstrating Guillotine Choke on Kevin. This technique was widely used by many of us. Great technique =D

I'm the only dumb one to be in Gi.....